UBC School of Nursing Hall Display:

The UBC School of Nursing celebrates its centenary! 1919 -2019


The SON: Then and Now. Students and Programs

Display credit: Geertje Boschma & Nan Martin

Hall Glass Cabinet Display: 

"Pageant of Nursing History" donated by Sheila Zerr

VGH Pattison Building Display:

Honours VGH Graduates serving in WWI& WWII

Photo Credit Kathy Murphy

This display was created by Norma Guttormsson and  honours the VGH School of Nursing graduates who served in the two world wars. There were a total of 178 with 54 in WWI  and 124 in WWII.

The breakdown by forces was Army 55, Navy 10 and Air Force 13 and included the following: Canadian Army Medical Corps, Royal Canadian Navy, Queen Alexandria Military Nursing Service, Royal Canadian Air Force, South Africa Military Nursing Service and the American Nursing Corps.



Honouring UBC SON Centennial and the collaboration of the Schools of Nursing for VGH & UBC

This Display created by Norma Guttormsson   BSN 1959

Photo credit for these 3 photos: Kathy Murphy